Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday, June 12 - Our last full day in Israel was very busy.  This morning  our bus picked us up for our visit to Bethany, the home of Mary and Martha and the tomb where Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.  

Our second stop for the day was The Valley of the Shadow where we could see the St George Monastery that is in a deep valley.  

We had a drive by look at Herodian and stopped for a picture

Since we were close to the restaurant run by Ruth & Boaz where they have the best Falafals in Israel we had to stop for lunch.

Next was a visit to the  church of St Peter in Gallicantu (gallicantu means cock crow) where Jesus spent the night before his crucifixion
  and Peter denied him 3 times.

We went to see the Jewish Quarter of the Old City to see the cardo that was build in 135 AD

and the Golden Menorah that has been built for the 3rd Temple.

Our last stop for our tour was the Garden Tomb where we had a Communion service.

We returned to our hotel and Doron took the Faupels and Patty to the airport.  Bob & Linda caught a cab at 1:30AM for their flight.  Phyllis and I have a couple of days here to rest before we fly to Italy for our next trip.  If you would like to follow that one the address is  Hope you will follow along.

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