Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday, June 4. After our large Israeli buffet breakfast we started out with a visit to Korazim, one of the towns that Jesus cursed in Matthew 11:21.  We then returned to the Sea of Galilee for a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and remembered all the activities of Jesus' ministry which took place here. A large portion of Jesus' ministry took place in the towns and villages aound the Sea of Galilee.  The boats used to take pilgrims out on the sea today have been modified to resemble  the ancient boats.

 We had the wonderful experience of hearing Daniel Carmel sing.  Daniel is a Messianic Jew who found Jesus on the Sea of Galilee by listening to all the ministers that went out on his boat.

Our next stop was Tabgha which commemorates Jesus feeding the 5000 

and the Church of Peters Primacy.  

After lunch we headed for Beth Shean, a Greco Roman City that was built at the time of Jesus,\

We alsays have someone who needs to use the public latrines.

Our final visit for the day was Magdala.  This is a fairly new dig of the town of Mary Magdalene.

The chapel has a very unusual altar in the shape of a boat.sitting on an eternal pool.
We returned to the hotel for dinner and overnight,.

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